Triple D [3D] Clothing

Triple D Clothing was established in 2019. We are a team of like-minded entrepreneurs working towards the same goal; to inspire and motivate. We believe all dreams and goals are attainable when one has a strong desire and can apply continuous dedication and discipline. 

The Co-Founders

We are Grenadian born and raised. We immigrated to Canada at different times during our teenage years in pursuit of a better life. Our belief is that entrepreneurship can help build a solid foundation in life. Moreover, we hope to provide the right tools and knowledge needed to the next generation youths, so the cycle of attaining and maintaining wealth can be everlasting.

From your left is Elon who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. After, we’ve got Akayda, she is the Chief Financial Officer.  Then, the gentle giant on your right is Lien and he serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

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